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The Immergas range of high efficiency boilers are wall mounted, fan assisted, room-sealed boilers. The burner is lit electronically, and the heat output is controlled by a modulating gas valve.

The VICTRIX PRO 55-80-100-120 1A is a heating only boilers used for hydronic heating. Domestic hot water is an available option (Hunt Heating only) used in conjunction with a stainless-steel hot water storage tank, diverter valve and probe. The boilers are supplied with a pump, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge fully assembled and tested. They are designed for use with a fully sealed and pressurised central heating system using only Natural Gas or LPG. The VICTRIX PRO 80-100-120 1A is suitable for central heating loads of between: Victrix Pro 80 1A 7,2 and 73,0 kW; Victrix Pro 100 1A 9,0 and 90,0 kW; Victrix Pro 120 1A 11,0 and 111,0 kW. The VICTRIX PRO 55 1A is suitable for central heating loads of between 5,0 and 49,9 kW.


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